Welcome to Gas Vision

The Advanced Technology offered by Gas Vision enables rapid leak detection with pinpoint accuracy, by having the ability to see many Hydro –Carbon gases, previously invisible to the human eye.

Gas Vision’s Filtered Infrared Thermal Imagery provides an effective and efficient inspection technique that considerably reduces the time and effort to accomplish a leak detection report.
It is possible for gas emissions to be viewed on screen and recorded for the purpose of planning repairs and for evidence in cases of litigation.

The obvious health related issues of affected populations exposed to emissions is minimized and your company would enjoy all the benefits of a brighter Public Image, due to an efficient and pro active LDAR programme.

Threat of fire or explosion within the plant, and with it the risk to human life and equipment is greatly diminished through early detection.

The incidence of confusion is eradicated through visual identification of leaks, while other limited methods such as a “sniffer” may incur ambiguity if multiple leaks were found in adjacent areas, or weather conditions such as wind, where to intervene. Gas Vision has the ability to pinpoint the faintest of leaks or multiple leaks in adjacent areas with no doubt or confusion, thus enabling maintenance teams to quickly carry out the necessary repairs without dismantling and replacing equipment unnecessarily.

Gas Vision provides the ideal service for detection of VOC leaks in Petrochemical industries, NLP Gas pipelines, and domestic gas reticulation systems used in buildings for cooking and heating purposes.
Elimination of waste increases profit. Huge cost savings are now possible in focused maintenance activity by being able to plan, draw up accurate scope of work, budget the work, order spares, install and bring back onto line with minimum down times.

 Gas Vision can be scheduled at regular service intervals that are in keeping with your own maintenance plans.
The Gas Vision Technology is complemented with a highly experienced Technician, whose knowledge of the related industries is invaluable.

Benefits to Industry

  • Rapid Leak Detection
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Eliminates Confusion
  • Saves spares and parts (through accuracy)
  • Superior Report Generation
  • Impartial Report 
  • Flexible Service Interval
  • Pro Active LDAR Programme
  • Good Public Relations Initiative
  • Increases Safety
  • Minimises Downtime
  • Reduces Wastage 
  • Increases Profit

Gas Vision looks forward to playing a vital role in your LDAR programme.